Marvel’s Avengers: Ms. Marvel Confirmed, Here’s Our First Look

Many fans had speculated during the first reveal trailer for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers, but now we have official confirmation that Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel will indeed play a role in the game, and we even have our first look!

For those unfamiliar with the character, Ms. Marvel debuted originally back in 1977, who’s first incarnation was none other than the currently known Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. Since Ms. Marvel’s debut, many characters have taken up the mantle with the latest one being Kamala  Khan. In the original Marvel’s Avenger debut trailer, many had assumed that the voice behind the narration belonged to Kamala, and they were right as this was confirmed during the demo at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. For those wanting to get some proof to this confirmation, some more leaked footage surface and a screengrab of the character can be found below.

Interestingly enough, the shirt Kamala is wearing is that of the symbol belonging to the kree, which verifies that Captain Marvel does indeed exist in this universe.

Kamala is also a heavy fan of all the Marvel heroes, so it’d make sense she would be wearing the shirt of someone she idols. Whether Captain Marvel will make any appearance or be playable in the game is yet to be known. There were also rumors floating around prior to the E3 reveal that Ms. Marvel would be a playable character, but again this has yet to be officially confirmed by the developer, Crystal Dynamics.

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15 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers: Ms. Marvel Confirmed, Here’s Our First Look

  1. good job ! lets celebrate a muslim character American comic company owned by Disney and there sjw terrorist ways …were all so excited for this character …said no one !

    1. You really have a problem with one Muslim character in a comic book full of white people?

      1. No, he has a problem with an established character being changed for the sake of “woke points”. Probably.

        1. Every time I hear someone use the word “Woke” makes me want to spend money on airplane flights just to slap that person over the head for using such a fking stupid term.

          The only people who care about that shit are people up their own ass and want to look for things to hate.

        2. The “established character” still exists. Its just someone else taking on the mantle of the identity. Miles Morales didn’t erase Peter Parker.

          1. Most people (well, normies, to be precise) enjoy things that are modern. And so, since they will focus on the new version of something, they are very likely going to forget that there was some version before it.
            If the creators were a genuinely good people and artists, they would just come up with new characters, instead of modifying exisiting ones, disrespectfully.

            1. Right, because that’s what’s been going on through the history of comics, right?

              Oh, wait…

  2. oh god…. whats wrong with all the faces in this game? kamala looks like she is 40 and is injecting testosterone directly into her cheek and jaw bones….. why are current western developers so bad at female character models?

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