Mass Effect 3 Operation: Broadside Starts This Weekend

The latest mission for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer operatives will commence this weekend. Operation Broadside starts at 10am PST Friday July 13th, and ends at 10am PST Sunday July 15th.

The ultimate goal “is to develop a sustainable fighting method with a minimal loss of life,” and this is done “by coordinating large-scale attacks against the Reapers on multiple fronts,” the official BioWare Blog explains. Keep in mind that objectives will “vary from planet to planet and theater to theater.”

Here are the defined goals:

  • Squad Goal: Extract at least one squad member against Reapers on Gold difficulty
  • Allied Goal: Extract 400,000 squads against Reapers on ANY difficulty
  • Special Circumstance: None
  • Squad Goal Success: All squad members awarded a Commendation Pack
  • Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack. Medi-gel cap increases from 5 units to 6.

What do you guys about these ? Should more multiplayer games adopt this style of community events?

Earlier today, a new free MP DLC pack was outed, you can learn more about ‘Earth’ through here.

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