Mass Effect Legendary Edition Comparison Trailer and Visual Enhancements From Original Released

Mass Effect Legendary Edition performance

Bioware has released an all new look at the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, showing us some of the biggest visuals changes they have made. Here’s the Mass Effect Legendary Edition comparison trailer to give you just a sneak peak at what to expect from the remasters next month.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Comparison Trailer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Screenshots

[unitegallery MassEffectLegendaryComparison]

Those are some rather major improvements if you ask us, certainly ones that’ll definitely get any Mass Effect fan hyped up for. If you are interested in the meatier deep dive of the comparison, you can read the full blog post here: Mass Effect Legendary Edition: A detailed look at visual enhancements to the celebrated trilogy

Oh, and if you haven’t already be sure to read up on some of the other changes they have made in this re-release here: Here Are the Changes Made to Mass Effect Legendary Edition From the Original

Some of these changes include gameplay, reworks, new balances, and even changing the extended cut ending to the main one. Of course the visual changes shown off here are without a question the more noticeable ones, but there are quite a few major ones, and some waiting to be discovered come release! Mass Effect Legendary Edition is launching May 14 on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation consoles.

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