Mass Effect Legendary Edition Most Popular Choices by Players Revealed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Most Popular Choices

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition giving players the chance to step into Commander Shepard’s shoes, BioWare has given the player the choice on what they can do to shape the universe they’re in. Not only that, but you’re also given freedom to choose which ones to romance and so on. EA has today via a press release has given us a Mass Effect Legendary Edition most popular choices infographic!

Curious what choices were made by your fellow Commanders? Check it out below where we made the infographic into easier-to-read bite sized pieces!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Most Popular Choices:

The many choices throughout Mass Effect Legendary Edition led to a lot of interesting decisions; for example:

  • Mordin is the least likely character to survive the Suicide Mission

  • Wrex survived the Virmire mission for 94% of players

  • 4% of players exiled fan favorite Tali

  • The majority of Shepards punch reporters, ouch!

If you haven’t done so yet, you really ought to play the trilogy, and it’s on sale too!

  • Origin: Now through July 29

  • Sony: Now through August 4

  • Xbox: Now through August 5

  • Steam: July 29 to August 2

Go read our review of Mass Effect Legendary Edition here, and see why we a very glowing review.

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