Missing Battlefield 4 Veteran Battlepacks Reportedly Available ‘Early March’

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Still missing your Battlefield 4 Veteran Battlepack? Chances are, yes.

Since launch, Veteran Battlepacks that were to be made available for all Battlefield 4 players with one or more previous Battlefield games in their library still sit greyed-out and inaccessible for a number of users.

Among other things, the pack awards players with the ACB-90 knife first introduced via Battlefield 3 Premium, as well as a dog tag and camoflage pattern to commemorate your status as a Battlefield veteran.

Via Reddit user Drakiro.

Earlier today on EA’s Answer HQ help forum, moderator “eabastian” commented on the status of the missing Battlepacks, saying users can expect them to “become available in early March.” More information to follow.

It’s not entirely clear why only a few individuals have actually received their Veteran Battlepacks, though we presume developers DICE are hoping to get Battlefield 4 completely stabilized before handing them out en masse.

Have you gotten your Veteran Battlepack?