MLB The Show 21 Tech Test Sign Ups Now Live for PlayStation & Xbox

MLB The Show 21 Tech Test S

With Xbox gamers getting their first PlayStation-published title on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with MLB The Show 21, it looks like the game’s beta won’t be exclusive to PlayStation platforms either. The MLB The Show 21 tech test sign ups are now live and yes, it’s for both platforms.

MLB The Show 21 Tech Test Sign Up Page

Alongside the tech test page being live, San Diego Studio has also posted an FAQ, confirming that players won’t be able to stream, record or share images of the upcoming tech test, as well as the schedule for when the servers will be up and so on.

When will I be able to play in the Tech Test?
You will be able to connect and play the Tech Test on 2/23/21 at 10 AM PT and the servers will close on 3/01/21 at 10 AM PT.
Will I be able to download the Tech Test before the servers open?
Yes. The Tech Test will be available to download before the servers go live.
How can I talk about the Tech Test and submit feedback?
A private forum will be available for those who were selected to participate. The private forum will open shortly before the test servers go live on 2/22.
Can I stream, share video, or share pictures of the Tech Test?
No. Doing so may result in your account being suspended from the test, and possibly future tests or release versions of the game. Don’t do it!
Which modes will be available to play?
(Diamond Dynasty) vs CPU, (Diamond Dynasty) Events, (Diamond Dynasty) Casual, (Diamond Dynasty) Play with Friends; Battle Royale
You can check the full FAQ right here.
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