Modern Warfare 2 Beta Code Giveaway – Get One From MP1st!

modern warfare 2 beta code

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Activision is once again letting gamers get a feel of this year’s Call of Duty by holding a beta test for it. If you’re looking forward to try out Modern Warfare 2 before buying it, here’s your chance to play it early, as MP1st is holding a Modern Warfare 2 beta code giveaway!

Thanks to Activision, we have quite a load of keys to giveaway here on the site, and also on Twitter (make sure to follow the MP1st account). For the giveaway happening here on the site, it’s super simple. Just leave a comment telling us what you want to see more of and what areas we need to improve on (if any). The best and chosen comments will be emailed a code via the email address they their commenting accounts are associated with.

Check out how to redeem the code via the instructions below.


  • Please go to to redeem your Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II code.
  • You must then login/create a Call of Duty® account and select your gaming platform and region.
  • You will know your code is valid if you’re redirected to the success page.
  • The success page will confirm that you are registered for the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II Open Beta but will not provide a platform-specific code to download the Beta
  • A platform-specific code will be emailed to users at a later date closer to when the Open Beta begins.

The full MW2 beta schedule can be seen here along with the exact time when the servers will go live.

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Don’t forget, before the beta starts this weekend, the Call of Duty Next event is kicking off where we’ll see the proper reveal of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile. MP1st will be covering the event, so expect loads of stuff to surface on the site regarding MW2 and Warzone 2.

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269 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Beta Code Giveaway – Get One From MP1st!

  1. I think y’all are doing a good job on the website. I guess one thing I’d like to see more of is, maybe some more single player games or maybe some other smaller multiplayer games that aren’t talked about often.

  2. Great site for quick updates on all the buzz around the industry. I hope for the game this year a classic 3 lane map design is the way to go and my suggestion for the site is a night mode. Cheers

  3. In my opinion, once the full game comes out I generally just want to see more guides and updates as far as content that’s planned. Things such as; Store Rotations, Patch Notes, Rumors/Leaks, Loadout Tips, etc.

    Things that’ll help out new players of the franchise and also help current players of the franchise adapt to new systems.

  4. In my opinion, once the full game comes out I generally just want to see more guides and updates as far as content that’s planned. Things such as; Store Rotations, Patch Notes, Rumors/Leaks, Loadout Tips, etc.

    Things that’ll help out new players of the franchise and also help current players of the franchise adapt to new systems.

  5. I absolutely respect you guys trying to focus purely on news etc, but imo you could probably add some opinion based articles from time to time. Those could help bring more traffic to the site but also give a breath of fresh air when gaming news are a bit on the dry side.

  6. In my opinion, once the full game comes out I generally just want to see more guides and updates as far as content that’s planned. Things such as; Store Rotations, Patch Notes, Rumors/Leaks, Loadout Tips, etc.

    Things that’ll help out new players of the franchise and also help current players of the franchise adapt to new systems.

  7. I think the website layout is great! Would love to see more engagements through comments that are posted to your various articles so we can feel like we are being heard and interacted with!

  8. Hello MP1st. First and foremost I’d like to say that I genuinely believe you’re doing a damn near perfect job on here and via your Twitter account.

    I’ve been following you for years and you’re still my go to when it comes to FPS multiplayer news coverage. I did see you started SP1st some time ago but it didn’t quite live up to your MP1st standards and as you are probably well aware, there are plenty of other sites that focus on single player gaming news so it kinda got lost at sea.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you for everything!

  9. I would like to see more co-op games and free game tips or news, more campaign game news that are really good to play together with friends so I think the site is perfect because it covers a very amazing news area. in my humble opinion that would be what I could add to the idea, stay well everyone 😊

  10. I want to see custom loadouts in campaign, it’s been a big missed opportunity since gunsmith’s introduction in MW19, and a big surprise too because Black Ops 2 and 3 did have custom campaign loadouts.

    Since it’s completely single-player they should even make it so every attachment slot can be used on your weapon of choice. And also pick a perk or two. Custom player skins are practically irrelevant because you can’t see them and the story changes environment too much (as we’ve seen in trailers) it’d be an annoyance to have to start again with your player characters outfit for each level. However, blueprint gun skins would be a welcome addition but it’s understandable if they don’t put either of those options in. (Just in case you have potential trouble contacting me, my Twitter handle is @Not_Todd_Howard)

  11. In my honest opinion, for the most part you guys are doing great, especially with Social Media presence.

    Once this game is fully released, I mostly want to see gameplay guides and future updates being covered. Other things such as Store Rotations, Patch Notes, Rumors/Leaks, Loadout Tips, and more would keep not only new players to the franchise in the loop, but as well as older players who may have distanced themselves from the series.

    I think the most important thing is to try and grow the audience to introduce more players to the game, but also keep longtime fans of the series happy to have a healthy playerbase.

  12. Really enjoy how in depth your articles go, they provide very informative reads and always do a good job at grasping the eye. To improve, I think potentially lowering the clutter on the main page, I do feel as if it is a bit cluttered in terms of its grid like lay out. Thanks and cheers!

  13. You all have done a great job with the site and Twitter. Been following for years. I think starting a Discord server would be a perfect next step. Gets more discussion going and can get more community games/ involvement.

  14. First off I think you guys are doing a great job! However if I had to critique something, I think it would be cool to show more indie games! However I still think you guys are doing awesome and keep up the great work!

  15. I’m gona be honest, I didn’t know about this website before today, but someone retweeted your giveaway and I decided to check it out.

    I decided to check some reviews, I always enjoy watching and reading reviews of my favorite games, with that said, I was quit surprised to not find video reviews on your YT channel, I think they’re much easier to digest than written reviews.

  16. You guys are doing great. What I have to offer is not a critique, but a suggestion. Have you guys considered community events via discord or a discord community in general? I’d be down for some tourneys or just community events in general on various games and platforms. Keep up the good work guys!

  17. The website and socials are run great, always up to date with all the important info and always very concise. Maybe some more coverage on smaller games e.g. Monthly spotlights on a new smaller game on steam. But the articles are great as always

  18. I had just discovered this website, and I like the content, I’ll definitely be checking back for more. When the beta does drop, I’d love lots of overviews of maps for those of us who don’t have beta access yet!

  19. I’m ready to see some in depth vids/articles on the new/updated gunsmith! Love the getting to watch breakdowns and guides on here! Always enjoy reading up on latest D2 stuff!!

  20. Honestly, I believe the content MP1st provides is extremely exceptional. I took the time to create a profile to appreciate how well the website is designed, and how unique it is. I appreciate all of the members.

  21. In my honest opinion, I think you guys are doing a great job with the site. Not only that, but you guys have such a great social media presence that it’s almost impossible for me to miss one of your articles and I’m sure to read them if the game interests me. Speaking of which, this being about Modern Warfare II is a major reason as to why I’m here now.

    Once this game releases I hope to see more articles covering it from you guys; whether it be Store Rotations, Gunsmith Guides, Loadout Guides, Loadout Tips, Patch Notes, etc. As long as you guys are covering these areas of the game, I will make sure to go out of my way to read through any articles discussing it. Keep up the great work, and I’ll be sure to go out of my way to visit the site. My twitter handle is @RiGGz_1999 if you would like to reach me.

  22. You guys are great! No BS, straight to the point. I’d love to see some zombies Easter egg content but you guys do you. I’ll be reading the articles regardless lol

  23. I think a ”dark/light” mode for the site would be cool 🙂 I’ve slowly started migrating to dark themes over the years so i don’t get flashbanged when i join a site xD 🙂

  24. Content is good, but I would love to have a mobile site. Its quite hard to read some long articles on a desktop view on a mobile. Great job otherwise!

  25. I would love to see destruction. Imagine a constantly changing map and experience a different way of playing the round like Rainbow Six Siege. You’ll be able to blow the wall up instead of being shot by a camper aiming at the doorway all round 🙂

  26. First of all it’s nice you guys are doing this thank you, on to the topic I personally would love to see clips/funny moments videos of let’s say the mw2, warzone 2 so a way to submit these vids will be nice and optimize the mobile version of the website to attract more people. Thank you

  27. I want the to re-work on SBMM and make game alot more balanced for mp and please make more visiable game and maps besides it good quality of guns i wish i could get a beta code for it Thanks >.<

  28. I would love to see guns from the original MW2 such as ACR. Also wish they bring back Rust map so we can quickscope like the old days! Hope I win a beta code it would mean so much to me 🙂

  29. Please continue to cover the MW2 news and god of war because those are my most anticipated games of the year. I would love a beta code it would mean a lot as a player of the original MW2 🙂

  30. My first cod was cod mobile because I hadn’t enough money to buy myself the newest cod now I can but I don’t know if the new cod is a game I would like.

    1. I think I will be infinity ward has looked great from modern warfare 2019 and this will only be better I’m not huge with Cod but loved like I said 2019 Cod

  31. Haven’t checked in with you guys in a while but i think you should start covering more Indie Games! It is a small market that deserves every bit of Attention.

  32. I really hope they nail the DMZ mode and that they have a FOV slider in Warzone 2. Also I really liked the Gunsmith they reveleaded today.

  33. Great Article! One possible improvement would be to search or filter at the top by the different games (so not just Battlefield, COD or Destiny). I think a proper search field would fit here.

  34. Honestly the biggest improvements I’d like to see is to movement and visibility! Back in mw2 (the first one haha) unless someone was trying to hide, people weren’t like chameleons on every map. And for movement I want to see a smooth adaptation of newer mechanics such as sliding with the older crouch only map designs.

  35. As for mp1st I enjoy the content, maybe some tips for the game when it comes out? Ways to level up faster or the best attachments maybe? Much love.

  36. As for mp1st I love the content. Maybe some tips for the new game when it comes out, such as ways to level up faster or the best attachments for each gun. Much love to the team.

  37. WOW! I’m really looking forward to the release. And I would like to fully enjoy all the new mechanics and storyline in this part. From the wishes, I would like to be able to connect to the game if you are disconnected. This was very lacking in the previous parts and in Warzone. I also hope that the developers have made a cool sound so that the steps can be heard, for a complete immersion in the game. And it would be cool if a full-fledged spectator mod was added to Warzone 2 so that you can switch between squads.

    Keep giving us CoD news☺

  38. I’d appreciate better CSS styles for mobile version of website. This page is wider than it should be because bullet points under redemption instructions are overflowing main body. It causes lot of white space on right and also logo in header being cut off.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Well i think u guys already have a very good site here. Like alot of guys said a dark mode is always good and maybe a search option… could be cool to look for specific articles. 🙂

  40. you should add a Darkk mode and also use a mix of fonta and colours that math the mode whichever the person is in , you shoult try to create a theme . can i get a code plss ?

  41. I would suggest the design to be a bit modernized and smoother to make it more appealing to look at. And i would also put the ads and “top games and upcoming releases” right and left so the actual content is in the middle and centered and also no ads at the bottom . More structure in the text itself maybe a darker theme and minimalistic color variations (no more than 2 or 3 “main” colors).

  42. I hope there’s some good coverage of the game this first weekend for those of us who don’t have a Playstation, it’d be nice to have some guides of what the best guns are or cool attachments to look out for. Glad the ads aren’t too crazy for the site too, a lot of sites are getting overwhelming with the amount of ads they serve.

  43. The site looks good, but a Dark Mode would be nice. Also the links for Socials should be at the end and not in the middle of the Blog.

  44. Hi there!

    I think You should make articles about new or old good fps games, those that We know too little o We don´t know.. and I would like to improve your social media difusion, I follow you in FB but I very rarely see your articles posted there 🙁

    I love the way you redact about CoD and BF 😀

  45. I am really excited about this beta phase and i just hope they won’t mess things up like they did last year…

    You guys should just stay the same, luv your website.

    Greetings from Gerrmany

  46. Honestly I can’t think of anything they need to improve or what I want to see more of when everything from MW ’19 was a breath of fresh air and now in MW2 ’22. I guess Akimbo SMGs and Shotguns which speaking of the latter, I hope they bring in the Models or Rangers, man I loved those things.

  47. I would really love to see a dark mode on the website. It keeps my roommate away if I’m scrolling through the website and makes me not able to look around. Let’s go for MW2!!!!!!!

  48. A website with giveaways and no full-screen ads? Amazing. Don’t really think I will receive any code, but kudos to your type writer and page designers.

  49. Seré el único que ponga su comentario en español jaja, sinceramente ver el realismo en las armas y movimiento de la mirilla al disparar el arma es simplemente sublime, el tiempo de muerte no es ni rápido ni muy lento, se encuentra justo en el punto medio como para reaccionar y voltear la partida, las partidas se notan fluidas y muy frenéticas y el sonido de las armas te hacen sentir que está dentro del juego, tiene un buen futuro este cod

  50. I want a gameplay like in mw 2020 and not some garbage game like vanguard… i would love to see a standalone zombies game dou you know if there are any new infos?? And pleasseeeee let me play the beta pleaseee

  51. I hope the game will be as nice as the old MW2,

    2 on 2 in Private matches was always the best. i want exactly that back!

  52. I’d like that they remove slidecanceling so more people enjoy the gane who may not be so good at movement, but it should still keep the fast-paced rounds

  53. I hope they change the ttk to make fights longer + they need to change the one arm hanging peak its way too strong for camper + they should add that u can see people on the map when shoting + they should delet the perk thing + they should should make the ui a bit smaller and i hope they make the scope time better on the sniper 50 + i hope the shotguns are usles and they shouldnt be secendarys + treyarch should turn bo4 server back on

  54. most important think for me is would be to make the machmaking fair, cuz mw 2019 and Warzone especially have terrible matchmaking.

  55. Honestly, just honest review/ feedback of average gamers. Streamers, influences, and etc live a different life. Someone working a full time job with other responsibilities who likes gaming will appreciate an average gamer news/ feedback.

  56. i would like to know more about upcoming games. More information and maybe already a conclusion or a recommendation. I’m very excited to see how MW2 will turn out and I’m looking forward to it!

  57. I would like to see a revamp of the website at some point. Right now it seems very plain, and kind of just feels like an empty template from wix or something. There is lots more that could be done to make the site more intriguing to the viewer

    gib code

  58. Hey first nice page structure. How does it look in the field of gacha games while Tower of Fanatsy is also very interesting right now. Likewise, a post about all changes to Warzone 2.

    Greetings from Germany
  59. I would like to see more from the new games (I prefer shooter) extra informations for the games and some more gameplay szenes. This would be very nice, I hope I can get a code this would make my day. even if I don’t get one I hope I helped you👌

  60. The Top Games and Upcoming games field needs a gray background like the top menu too it looks like someone put images with html in a line. It doesnt make me want to click on them

  61. I would dial back the video pop ups on your mobile website I don’t mind ads but having continuous video pop ups on the screen is annoying a dark mode for the site would be cool as far as the the game goes they need to patch the double tap ads slide cancel I love the direction they’re going it’d be cool if there was a way to earn cod points and I’d love to see more hardcore modes and a hardcore option with kill cam on warzone 2.0 and for the love of God don’t lower the game graphics that irritated me more than anything when og warzone did that it looked and ran way better when it first dropped

  62. Visually speaking, the site design is very clean and easy on the eyes. The bar on the top with categories to choose from is well separated.

    The contents of the articles written are very concise and easy reads while still conveying the information needed. No padding. Which makes for quick access to information.

    In conclusion, the site is good as is.

  63. The mobile version of your site is not well optimized and some designs are buggy, like tags ore the Hamburger menue.

    But i like the fron page layout 🙂

  64. Didnt play CoD in the past, but most of my Friends bought it and ask if i wanna join, so it would be nice to get a Beta-Key before i spend 70 Bucks for it…

  65. Some information like the redemption instructions could be better displayed behind a dropdown menu. This is especially true for articles like this where the information is not extremely relevant to the article’s audience (those without beta access codes).

  66. I think the most important thing for a first person shooter that has crossplay support with PC is the prevention of cheaters. I wouldn’t pre-order a game or buy it at all if it had problems there right from the beginning. Another thing is performance. Some benchmarks would be pretty nice to see.

  67. I would like to see more Maps/Weapons Overall more Content and i wish i can give my Community on Twitch, a first look on it =)

    Thanks so much!

  68. I would like to see and learn more about the different customization options such as skins,camos, different perks, any new weapons game offers? etc

  69. Im new here and didnt saw any reviews about pc hardware, it would be awesome if you would do that :3

    Improve? didnt find anything that would need to be improved.

    Aboud CoD Mw2, i rly would love to see more weapon, bigger maps and way better graphic and i rly hope they´re gonna add the old “Intervention” in the game

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