Modern Warfare 3 Elite Clan Emblems Are Finally Live

Following our report from last week, Beachhead studios has now officially announced that the new “Clan Emblems” have gone live on both PS3 and Xbox 360. “Saving your next Callsign change for the perfect emblem? We’ve got you covered with 17 new emblems, available to both free and premium members and unlocked according to clan level,” stated Beachhead studios on Elite.

“Clans that have already obtained levels associated with an emblem will be rewarded those emblems retroactively, available immediately for use,” assured Beachhead.

Here is a full list of the emblem unlocks by clan level:

Emblem Light Juggernaut, Clan Level 2            Emblem Fighter Jet, Clan Level 6

Emblem Bad Cattle, Clan Level 8                      Emblem Gold Eagle, Clan Level 11

Emblem Owl, Clan Level 14                                Emblem Scarab, Clan Level 17

Emblem Lion, Clan Level 21                              Emblem Staked Skull, Clan Level 24

Emblem Medium Juggernaut, Clan Level 27    Emblem Platinum Eagle, Clan Level 31

Emblem Behemoth, Clan Level 34                    Emblem Frog, Clan Level 37

Emblem Overkill, Clan Level 39                         Emblem Keegan, Clan Level 42

Emblem Griffin, Clan Level 44                           Emblem Heavy Juggernaut, Clan Level 47

Emblem Evil Samurai, Clan Level 50

If you’re having trouble with your clan emblem unlocks, you can contact Beachhead through the official forums.

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