Modern Warfare 3 Getting 24 DLC Drops, Not 22

About a week ago, we reported on the fact that two additional DLC drops were added to the 20 drops originally promised. It turns out another two drops are in the works. Modern Warfare 3 players can look forward to not 22, but 24 drops of content until the ninth Call of Duty title comes out, rumored to release in November and subtitled Black Ops 2.

In case you missed it, Rob Riggle mentioned, in the latest Call of Duty Elite trailer, that players can expect “24 Modern Warfare 3 maps, missions, and more.” The official content calendar hasn’t updated to include the two newest additions, so we still don’t know on which month(s) they will be added. However, with 24 drops and four DLC collections a year, we can safely predict that each collection will pack in six drops, such as the first DLC collection coming on March 20th.

In addition the DLC drops, 23 and 24, here’s the release schedule for the other 22 (on Xbox 360, add one month for PS3):

  • January: Pizza and Liberation
  • February: Overwatch
  • March 13th: Black Box (Map), Black Ice (Mission), and Negotiator (Mission)
  • March 20th: Non-Elite Gets the six drops above.
  • April: 2 Maps
  • May: 1 Map, 1 Mission, 2 Classified
  • June: 1 Map, 1 Mission, 1 Classified
  • July: 2 Maps
  • August: 1 Map, 1 Mission, 1 Classified
  • September: 1 Map, 1 Mission

Thanks to Lee and Avl_Fade for the tip!

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