Modern Warfare 3 – Improving Lag Compensation, Banning Boosters and Cheaters

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling touches on lag compensation, boosters, and more.

Lag Compensation Misconception

Let’s start this off with the biggest issue at hand. One fan insulted Robert Bowling for including the “lag compensation” system, which on paper should iron out network latency, in Modern Warfare 3. The fan thought that “lag compensation” holds back players with better connections. However, Bowling pointed out “that is not how it works, it’s a misconception. No one is ever throttled based on connection.” He went on to briefly explain the concept, “it eliminates host advantage that used to be given to compensate for host processing more than clients.” Luckily, Bowling promised “we’re looking at how we can improve that [lag compensation] based on feedback.”

Boosters and Cheaters

One breed of players that Infinity Ward is paying special attention to is boosters. As you might have noticed on the leaderboards, some players are definitely boosting. Don’t fret it, MW3’s security team is onto them as Bowling assures that IW is addressing boosters, and he explained that if push comes to shove, IW has the ability to “prevent them [boosters] from ever writing to the leaderboards again”. On the topic of cheaters on PC, he assured that the security team has “done massive bans on PC already and will continue to do so.” Meanwhile, the prestige tokens are not “being assigned properly or used properly” for some players. This issue is being looked into and might be addressed on IW’s backend.

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