Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.07 Confirmed and Detailed

Robert Bowling shed some light on Modern Warfare 3’s seventh title update.

Yesterday, we reported on what Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are working on in terms of patches and hotfixes. One of the first issues that will be soon fixed is the “lag compensation” problem. (Read more about lag compensation.) Bowling has revealed that Title Update 7, Patch 1.07, is “solely focused on addressing host disadvantage ‘lag compensation’.” He went on to explain that this patch will “make gameplay better” for players with stronger connections. When we asked Bowling what platforms will receive this patch, he assured us “all updates are for all platforms (unless it’s a platform specific issue).” For example, PS3 owners will receive a console specific patch in January. Patch 1.07 should be available to download “some time this week.”  Bowling stated that the update is “done and submitted”, but it “depends on [the] certification process” on when it goes live.

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