Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.08 Details and Possible Proficiency Glitch Hotfix

Update #1: Added the prestige token glitch fix confirmation and the proficiency hotfix.

Modern Warfare 3’s Robert Bowling reiterates what’s confirmed to be fixed in the next title update and hints at the likelihood of a hotfix to address the proficiency glitch.

Proficiency Hotfix

Robert Bowling previously stated that patch 1.08 will include a fix for the proficiency glitch, but as the exploit is becoming more popular, it turns out that Infinity Ward is trying to “hotfix this exploit” before the patch. The glitch enables players to use any proficiency on their weapon of the choice. For instance, assault rifles aren’t allowed to have the “damage” proficiency equipped; however, with this exploit, players can have damage on an assault rifle. *The glitch has been fixed.

What we know about Patch 1.08 so far

Bowling stated that both lag compensation and PS3 voice problems “are already improvements planned. The PS3 mic quality will be in the newest update specifically.” So, we might have to wait for further improvements to lag compensation. Bowling also said that the ‘out of memory 7 error’ will be addressed in the next title update, “along with many other theater improvements.” *The prestige token glitch “will be addressed in the next title update”, unlike the proficiency glitch which has been resolved through a hotfix because the prestige token glitch “requires a code change that can not be done via hot fix”.

Beyond the next patch, Bowling would like to see further improvements to lag compensation, which is “always a priority”, game balancing, and connection.

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