Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.09 to Bring New Prestige Levels, Music Volume Update, and Theater Fixes

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed some of the additions and fixes that the next title update, patch 1.09, will include for Modern Warfare 3.

Recently, five new prestige levels were added to the PC version of  Modern Warfare 3 with the latest update to the platform. Interestingly, the PC version also received an additional five prestige emblems to bring the tally of prestige levels to 20. Robert Bowling promised that Xbox 360 and PS3 users will also receive the new levels; however, it was unclear if it would be via a hotfix or patch 1.09. Now, Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist explained that “it should be added in the next title updates for those platforms [Xbox 360 and PS3],” but unfortunately he doesn’t have a firm release date at the moment. Some fans, including MP1st readers, were put off by the decision of adding new prestige levels to MW3, Robert Bowling argued that “its nice to have an option to keep going further, even if you choose not to do it.”

Also, “HD video uploads for PS3 are currently planned in an upcoming title update for MW3,” according to Bowling. Further, an Infinity Ward developer has confirmed that music volume issue will be fixed soon, stating “the patch containing the music adjustment is going into submission [presumably, the console manufacturers certification process] very soon.” Hopefully, after the next title update, you’ll be able to turn down the in game music in order to rely more on the sounds of the enemies’ footsteps, reloads, and such.

Earlier today, a new trailer was released for the upcoming map, Overwatch.

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