Modern Warfare 3’s “Terminal Coming Soon,” Releases on Xbox 360 First

Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin is at it again, giving us more details on Modern Warfare 3’s version of Terminal. The multiplayer map from Modern Warfare 2 will be released free of charge for all users, Elite premium and non-Elite, as we previously reported.

The release date for the map is still unknown, but Mark Rubin hinted on Twitter that “Terminal [is] coming soon,” and that free map’s expected time of arrival will be announced this week.

We recently reported that it would be likely for Terminal to release on Xbox 360 first, but Infinity Ward had to consult legal in order to confirm it. Rubin seems to have received word from legal, as he stated “Unfortunately not, [Terminal can’t be released on all platforms at the same time]. We have to maintain the 30 day difference.”

As you already know, all DLC must release first on Xbox 360, even free content as it was the case with the Face Off maps. Last month, Microsoft renewed the exclusivity deal for another year to include all Black Ops II DLC.

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