Modern Warfare Download Corrupt Issue Happening After January 22 Update

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With today’s big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch, players aren’t just downloading the patch, but they’re also asked to download something more. While that in itself is a big pain in the neck for most people that don’t have unlimited harddisk space, it seems there’s an on-going Modern Warfare download corrupt issue happening as well, which makes things worse.

Multiple people on the Modern Warfare subreddit have expressed concern on how they’re experiencing data corruption and/or a download loop after today’s patch. It also causes some people to reset their ranks too!

Note that this seems to be happening to players on all platforms.

Data corruption xbox one x since 21 Jan Patch from modernwarfare

[ps4] [update issue] spec ops pack download loop from modernwarfare

***Warning do not update game*** from modernwarfare

NEW UPDATE ERROR: im ded from modernwarfare

Infinity Ward has acknowledged the issue, announcing over on Twitter that they are investigating the error prompt, and that players should not choose either of the two options.

Infinity Ward Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams is currently collecting the Activision IDs of those affected to help with the studio’s investigation too. Chime in with yours in this thread.

We’re hoping that this issue gets resolved ASAP without any stat loss for players whatsoever. Hopefully, Infinity Ward can release a server-side fix to it, or even a new patch should be fine, as long as it works as intended.

Have you experienced this Modern Warfare download corrupt issue or looping bug? Don’t forget to NOT choose any of the two options for now.