Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward Says They’re Pushing for “Player-First” System, Recoil of Alpha Guns Shown Off

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With how past Call of Duty games focusing more on microtransactions and loot boxes post-launch, some might be wondering what’s going to happen to Modern Warfare. While developer Infinity Ward says they’ll talk about the Modern Warfare microtransactions as we get near the game’s release date, the studio re-affirms it’s pushing for a “player-first” mentality for Modern Warfare.

In a video Q&A with Game Informer, a reader submitted the question regarding loot boxes, and here’s what Multiplayer Design Director Joe Cecot had to say.

Q: Let’s be real, there will be loot boxes in this game aren’t there?

Joe Cecot: Wer can’t really comment on MTX (microtransactions) or the systems for that. Like, right now, it’s all, “beta, beta beta, beta” and then launch the game. All I can say is that we’re pushing really hard to create a, y’know, player-first, or player-forward system. It’s something that’s really important to us on the development side. We want when we release new content for players to get access to that content and have fun with it, so it’s a huge focus for us, and we want players enjoying our game, and having fun in our game.

You can watch the clip of that right here via Reddit user x_Reign.

In other Modern Warfare news, Reddit user Zark- posted a video showcasing the guns available in the alpha and how their recoils work! While we only got to sample a handful of the guns available in the final game, there was still a varied lot available like assault rifles, handguns and more. Check it out below.

Managed to capture the recoil patterns of some of the guns that were in the Alpha. What do you guys think about the recoil in this game? from modernwarfare

If you’ve played the Modern Warfare alpha, you surely would have noticed how the guns in the game have more recoil than in your usual Call of Duty game. Will franchise fans be OK with it? I sure hope so since it makes each gun feel different  as a whole. You can check out our alpha impressions right here.

Do you think Infinity Ward will be able to follow their “player-first” mentality for Modern Warfare or that’s a pipe dream at this point? What do you think of the recoil the studio is implementing for the guns? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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