Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Microtransactions Will Be Talked About by Infinity Ward “Closer to Launch”

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It’s no secret nowadays that a lot of Call of Duty players are wary when it comes to how the franchise handles microtransactions (MTX) given what we’ve experienced in Black Ops 4. It’s so worrying, in fact, that Reddit user FeelThisMoment started a thread on the Modern Warfare subreddit just to ask about the Modern Warfare microtransactions after reading about Black Ops 4’s “disgusting” MTX system.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until we get clarification about it, but at least it won’t be post-launch like Treyarch did with Black Ops 4. This was confirmed by Infinity Ward Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams who said that the studio will share more as we get nearer Modern Warfare’s launch date.

Given Modern Warfare’s release date is October 25, and it’s September starting next week, we shouldn’t have to wait long to hear about the Modern Warfare microtransaction system Infinity Ward will have in place. While it’s ideal that there isn’t any at all, that’s not going to happen given how much publisher Activision earns from in-game purchases.

The fact that Infinity Ward is willing to talk about it before Modern Warfare launches is a good sign, as we never got that much transparency from Treyarch when Black Ops 4 was set to launch, and only knew about the microtransactions weeks after it was released to the gaming populace.

What would be the best/ideal scenario for Modern Warfare microtransactions? Cosmetics only? Price them fairly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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