Modern Warfare Rank Reset Bug and Progress Loss Happening to Players Now (Update)

modern warfare rank reset bug

It seems Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are encountering a bug now that resets their progress and even Battle Pass. Multiple reports of a Modern Warfare rank reset bug and progress loss has been posted by people over on the Modern Warfare subreddit.

Uh, what? I should be like 151, has this happened to anyone else just now? from modernwarfare

I need some help here. I logged on and my battle pass access is completely gone. You can clearly see I have battle pass items that Ive earned but now it says I have to buy the battle pass! Also all my guns say that they are lvl 1. from modernwarfare

Rank and battle pass reset. Is anyone having this issue? from modernwarfare

I know this is not only me but all my levels just reset to level 1, including my weapons and battlepass. I still have the attachments that I used!!! Whyyyyy!!!??? What’s going on? from modernwarfare

I have lost most of my levels and my battle pass from modernwarfare

Rank reset problem from modernwarfare

Does anyone else have issues where your challenges and weapon levels reset? from modernwarfare

And there are a lot more threads that popped up about the same thing. As you can see, it has also  affected weapon challenges, too! For now, the official Activision Support Twiter account and Infinity Ward themselves have not acknowledged it just yet.

We’ve contacted Activision regarding this and will update the post if we hear anything back. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened though, as back in December 2019, a game update was released which made everyone lose their ranks and progression. Of course, it was ultimately fixed, as this will be as well.

Could this latest Modern Warfare rank reset bug be because of the recently released playlist update? While I can’t say for sure, it is the only new thing released for the game before people got affected by the bug.

Are you experiencing the rank progression loss bug as well? If you found a quick fix, let us know what worked down in the comments.

Update (4/3/20): Activision has announced that it has fixed the issues!

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4 years ago

Lost all battle pass tiers, player rank, weapons ranks, and challenge progress when I logged in. Restarted game and it gave me back my battle pass and rank, but not my weapon rank or challenges. Restarted again and weapon ranks restored. Restarted again and challenges restored. 3 restarts and everything back to normal, still stupid af.

Reply to  Sam
4 years ago

Installed update today and my rank went from 98 to 55. Sll that work what a joke.

Craig Davies
Craig Davies
Reply to  TJ
3 years ago

This has happened to me last night I was 117 after me updating it and now I’m 57

Reply to  Craig Davies
3 years ago

same here, any fixes available

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