Modern Warfare XP Bug Happening Now, Rank Being Reset Back to Level 1 for Some

modern warfare rank reset bug

With Christmas taking place this week, that means loads of people have gotten Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the holidays as gifts! Fortunately, Infinity Ward anticipated this, and have enabled double XP and even double tier rate for the “Christmas noobs” to be able to catch up. Unfortunately though, it seems there’s a pretty severe Modern Warfare XP bug affecting people.

Update (4/3/20): Multiple people have reported that they are back to level 1 rank, and have lost progression to their Battle Pass, and weapon challenges. Full story right here.

Over on Reddit, multiple people have reported that for some reason, they just stopped gaining XP!

Not earning XP? from modernwarfare

Not only that, but it seems Challenges are being affected too. This means challenges aren’t tracking, and camos aren’t being unlocked.

No xp earned, no camos, no mission & challenges. Anyone else experiencing this? [sorry for the shitty quality] from modernwarfare

If that wasn’t enough, multiple players have reported that their level was suddenly reset to level !

Further complicating matters, some have reported that their Battle Pass progression was still intact even after their level was reset back to level 1, while others state that their Battle Pass got deactivated.

Note that according to multiple people, this is affecting PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. You can read more people complaining about it here, and here.

No word yet from Activision or Infinity Ward acnowledging this Modern Warfare XP bug, but we’ve emailed Activision just in case, though we don’t expect a response given it’s the holidays. Once we know more about this (or a fix), we’ll let our readers know.

If you’ve experienced this and found a fix, share it in the comments below.

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