Modern Warfare Bypass SBMM – Here’s How to Do It

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If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since launch, and have been keeping tabs on the game via social media, Reddit, and the like, chances are you’ve heard of how Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) has apparently ruined the game for everyone. What if we told you there’s a Modern Warfare bypass SBMM method that’s relatively easy to do? Well, it seems there is.

Thanks to Reddit user Herchuk, this Modern Warfare bypass SBMM method is just a quick way to join “noob lobbies” or “noob matches.” Check out how to do it below. And yes, this isn’t reverse boosting or anything like that.

Search for a regular game in whatever mode you want. Example: Hardcore TDM

Join and back out of the pre game lobbies till you find a player with a low(ish) level (anything 60 and below/or your choice).

Play the match normally and after it ends back out of matchmaking.

Go to the ‘Recent Players’ tab and find the low-level account. Wait till the players account says “In pre game lobby” then join their session.

You will be put into a lobby with that accounts SBMM. You will see high levels, but also lower levels.

Play the match normally and look on the leaderboard to see which low-level did the worst. Repeat the process of backing out and joining the sessions. (Note that sometimes it might take some time or you won’t be able to join their sesh for various reasons. If this happens just move on to the next ‘worse’ player).

According to the poster, the first time he did this, it was the “most fun” he had in the game, ad with the 20+ games he’s had after trying this technique, his average kill/death ratio was at a staggering 4.40; all the while experimenting with weird loadouts. He also mentioned how this helped with weapon challenges as well.

For those not familiar with SBMM, it’s a system in place wherein players are put into matches  with similarly-skilled players, which means matches like these will make sure you don’t get to dominate lesser-skilled players all the time. While stuff like these are usually in multiplayer shooters, the latest findings regading SBMM in Modern Warfare show how strict it is, and Infinity Ward has essentially made it so players will get their ass handed to them or meet similar-skilled players after a few matches of doing well.

Note that we don’t know if constantly doing this is a ban-able offense, though we don’t see how joining people will trigger that. That said, do this at your own risk, alright? Also, if you’re having fun as it is now, then don’t feel compelled to do this method.

If you test it out, let us know down below how it works for you and whether you’re in less “sweaty” lobbies often.

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