Doing This Modern Warfare Snowman Easter Egg Gives You a Carrot for a Nose & Here’s How

modern warfare snowmen easter egg

While we already posted a pretty cool Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Riley Easter egg players can do on Winter Docks, there’s another one that just got discovered recently. Once again triggered on the Winter Docks Gunfight map, this Modern Warfare snowman Easter egg will give everyone carrot noses! Don’t believe us? Check out the video below for proof!

Spotted by Reddit user HacksAndPAKs, we tested and recreated how to do this Modern Warfare Snowman Easter egg, and managed to successfully pull it off after numerous trial and error attempts.

The short guide on this is: shoot the snowmen (there’s four of ’em) as soon as the countdown timer starts, and if you’re successful, you’ll see that everyone’s character will be rewarded with a carrot nose!

Here’s a quick guide on where each snowman is, and the easiest way to do this:

Modern Warfare snowman carrot nose Easter egg guide:


  • You can do this in a private match (you’ll need to)
  • You’ll need at least three people to pull this off
  • Once the countdown round timer is up, immediately shoot each snowman until its destroyed.
  • Easy method to do this is have one player spawn as The Coalition (this person can easily destroy two snowmen without moving from their spawn point much), and then the two as Allegiance, and having these two pre-aim at the location of the two other snowmen even before the round actually starts.

And there you have it! You’ll know if you pulled it off by the carrot noses suddenly appearing! It’s not gameplay-affecting or anything, but’s a cool Easter egg that’s perfect for the holidays.

If you spot any other Modern Warfare Easter egg, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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