Modern Warfare Roadmap “Coming,” Infinity Ward Explains High Latency Matches

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While we’ve gotten quite a number of content drops already for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, one thing we still haven’t seen is a proper Modern Warfare roadmap. That might be changing soon, as Infinity Ward Senior Communications Manager Ashton Willams confirmed that one is “coming.”

This was revealed by Williamns in the Modern Warfare subreddit thread where she was addressing high latency matches.

While this is definitely good news, let’s hope we get an actual date or this is revealed before 2019 is over.

In an earlier response, Williams answered why some players are being matched with peoplew with super high latency, and it seems this is an issue with some of the players not playing on the most updated version of the game client.

Hey OP – thank you for the post. We investigated this and want to share what happened here.

We found a bug in our patch system where a small percentage of players were not able to properly obtain the latest patch, meaning this percentage of players were not getting matchmade with the larger playerbase who are on the latest patch. This lobby formed as a result of that bug and since there were so few players playing on the older patch, you all ended up playing together.

We’re actively rolling out a fix for this on the backend and have a fix for our patching system that will go live with our next title update so we can prevent this from happening in the future. Hope this provides some insight and apologies for the bug!

Let’s hope we get wind of a Modern Warfare roadmap real soon, and that includes changes that the community is requesting.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to read our story from today where it seems a new in-game watch —  that can only be obtained with real world money —  will display your deaths during a match.

What do you hope to see from this Modern Warfare roadmap? Just new content or are you more concerned with the upcoming changes than content?