Modern Warfare Voice Actor Further Debunks Modern Warfare 4 Rumor

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The voice actor who played Captain Price in previous Modern Warfare titles has further debunked the Modern Warfare 4 rumor he was misquoted to be working on, which Infinity Ward was quick to ridicule.

The voice actor Bill Murray explained on Twitter, picked up by IGN, that the report is “not accurate,” noting that he “told the guy I was doing a special new Modern Warfare for China, not MW4″ and that “the guy I spoke to on the plane was very nice and I’m really pleased he loves the game but the facts have got a bit confused somewhere.”

Murray also noted that “I couldn’t have said I was meeting them Monday as I was on a Monday evening flight to London! Sorry for the confusion!”

With Black Ops 2 around the corner, what do you think Infinity Ward’s next effort will be in 2013, another Modern Warfare or a new spinoff?

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