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Do you remember when was redirecting users to Well, that story ended a couple of days ago in court with Activision winning the case. Now, the legal team at Activision has a new case on their hands. isn’t owned by Activision but the site takes slight digs at Activision by subtly promoting Battlefield 3. The whole site is just a FAQ page. When you visit the site, you will find these remarks from the owner. They answered whether Activision is trying to “assault” the site with “Yes, but we counte[re]d it with a squad of Battlefield 3 soldiers. They soon ran. I think you are confusing reality and gaming again.” It’s worth noting that the guys behind the site claim that they’re not seeking ransom from Activision, or as they put it “No. Personally, we don’t care – and want no money. We took this domain for opportunistic giggles.” They even claim that if the mega publisher “were” able to buy the domain from them, they would “ask [Activision] for a donation to a charity of my choice. Probably Help for Heroes – you know, those guys that don’t get the ability to respawn when the timer hits zero…” 

They closed the statement by saying “Well, I’m buying Battlefield 3.. Fancy a game?

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