Monster Hunter Rise Will Feature Global Matchmaking, Pausing to Be Included in Offline Quests

Monster Hunter fans who are looking forward to the next big release of the franchise will soon find it in next year’s Monster Hunter Rise, as the Nintendo Switch exclusive is set to incorportae features found in Monster Hunter World and more, including global matchmaking.

In an interview conducted by Gaijin Hunter with the developers of the game, features such as pausing during offline quests were highlighted.

Featuring a more Japanese style setting that other games, Monster Hunter Rise continues the saga in players controlling monster hunters embarking on epic quests to hunt down creatures and gain new items which they can use to upgrade their armor and equipment — further increasing their chances of survival and progress in the game. New mechanics such as the “Wirebug” feature allow players to scale high areas and provide new ways to attack, as well as new companions called Palamutes to accompany the player on his journey. New monster such as the Magnamalo, Tetranadon, and the Aknosom join other fan favorites, as the game takes the Monster Hunter series on the go or at home via Nintendo’s hybrid console system.

Be sure to check out more news and features on Monster Hunter Rise here on MP1st.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 27, 2021.

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