Monster Hunter World: Capcom Not Looking at It as a Live Services Game, Iceborne the Only Massive Expansion Planned at the Moment

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More and more publishers these days are seemingly boarding the live services bandwagon in terms of their games. However, you can count Capcom’s Monster Hunter World out, as it seems the studio isn’t looking to make it that. Even if we’re getting new Monster Hunter DLC in the upcoming Iceborne expansion.

In an interview with Eurogamer conducted at gamescom, Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, and Directors Kaname Fujioka and Daisuke Ichihara talked about Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and was asked whether it will be continually updated or if we’ll ever see a sequel,

How long do you think Monster Hunter World will run for – will it be a continually updated game, or will there eventually be a sequel?

Tsujimoto: At the moment our main focus is… when Iceborne comes out, as we did with World, we’re going to do great post-launch support for free content, like releasing periodic event quests and having seasonal events, and all that great stuff that kept people playing between the release of World until now – we plan to do that again with Iceborne. This is the only massive expansion we have in mind at the moment, and keep in mind it’s not an MMO where we’re saying ‘here’s a five-year roadmap of huge updates’, it is still an action game and we’ve released it, and we’ve supported it, and then we’ve released this expansion which is equivalent to the way we’ve done it before with Master Rank and G-Rank. It’s still a single game in our mind, and it isn’t like it’s a service where it’s going to be live for 10 years, so right now our focus is once we get Iceborne out, we want to bring the same level of amazing free post-launch support.

Well, there you have it. Monster Hunter might someday turn into a live services game, but it won’t be Monster Hunter World.

Speaking of free content, make sure to check out the free armor coming to all players once the Iceborne expansion drops this coming September 6. PS4 gamers can also look forward to Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn making her way into the game with another crossover event.

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