Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon, Frostfang Barioth Quest Info, Armors Detailed

monster hutner world iceborne alatreon quest info

In case you didn’t know, the next big update for Monster Hunter World is coming next week with Title Update 4! While that includes bug fixes, gameplay changes and more, the big draw here is the inclusion of Elder Dragon Alatreon! Read on below for the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon quest info and more.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon quest info:

Special Assignments

Take on the new special assignment to face the newly discovered Alatreon!

The special assignment for Alatreon can be accepted by talking to the Third Fleet Master once you have finished the Recon Assignment after the ending of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


A remarkable monster that can change its element at will.
As it cycles through different elemental modes, its attacks and weaknesses will change, too!

You can mitigate the damage Alatreon’s powerful shockwave does by attacking it with an effective element.
You can also use healing items during the shockwave, so be sure to get your Dust of Life and other restorative items ready!

Alatreon Hunter Armor:

Weapon Design
Alatreon’s entire hide is composed of “reverse scales”, which are the inspiration for its armor’s design.
Each weapon features a purple glow at the core of each of design!
Alatreon α+ Armor Set/
Alatreon β+ Armor Set
Palico Equipment: Alatreon Set α+

Aside from Alatreon, the Frostfang Barioth will be entering the fray as well. This creature will be appear in limited-time event quests. Expect the Frostfang Barioth to be huntable on August 7 at 0:00 UTC/8 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. PDT/8 a.m. HKT, and will disappear from the rotation on August 19, 2020 at 23: 59 UTC/7:59 p.m. EDT/4:59 pn. PDT/7:59 a.m. HKT.

Event Quest: “The Last White Knight”

Conditions: MR 24 or higher
Locale: Hoarfrost Reach
Objective: Hunt a Frostfang Barioth


Appears in this quest as a tempered monster!
Breaking both of its fangs will weaken its frosty breath.
If flinched, it may shoot out a breath of ice upon recovering.
Frostfang Barioth Hunter Armor:
Weapon Design
Frostfang Barioth α+ Armor Set/
Frostfang Barioth β+ Armor Set
Palico Equipment: Frostfang Set α+

Once Title Update 4 is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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