Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fatalis Quest Info & Armor Set Detailed

For Monster Hunter World Iceborne owners, the last major content drop is finally live! Officially called Title Update 5 “The Final Stand,” this patch brings a new Legendary dragon in Fatalis! Head on below for the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fatalis quest info & armor set first look!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fatalis Quest Info & Armor Set:

Special Assignment

This update adds a new special assignment that will bring you toe-to-toe with the legendary Fatalis!
Fatalis will be available after finishing the story of Iceborne and completing the Alatreon investigation.

When you face Fatalis in the ruins of Castle Schrade, you’ll have plenty of weapons at your disposal! Make smart use of the Dragonator, cannons, and ballistae to help you overcome this legendary foe!

The operation to defeat Fatalis features a new character-the General, dispatched by the Guild itself-as well as returning characters, like the Excitable A-Lister!

Fatalis Armor and Weapon Design:

Weapon Design:

Armor Design Fatalis α+ Armor Set:

Armor Design Fatalis β+ Armor Set:

Palico Equipment – Palico Equipment: Fatalis Set α+:

There’s an event set to take place later this month that should bring new activities for players. That said, don’t expect any new major enemies to make their way into the game though.

Enjoy hunting and collecting the new Fatalis gear, hunters!

Source: Monster Hunter World

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