Monster Hunter World Most Popular Weapons by the Community Revealed

While Monster Hunter World is just a few days old, the action game seems to already be a hit among critics and consumers alike. If you’e World player, and curious whether your weapon choice is the same as the rest of the gaming population, here’s your chance to find out!

Over on Reddit, a poll was conducted where players get to vote on what their weapon of choice is! At the time of publication, the #1 choice seems to be the Charge Blade with 12.3 percent of the total votes, but the Insect Glaive (11.73 percent) and Bow (10.38 percent) aren’t far behind.

What weapon are you using now?

  • 12.3 % (949 votes)Charge Blade
  • 11.73 % (905 votes)Insect Glaive
  • 10.38 % (801 votes)Bow
  • 10.22 % (788 votes)Hammer
  • 9.36 % (722 votes)Long Sword
  • 8.57 % (661 votes)Dual Blades
  • 8.3 % (640 votes)Switch Axe
  • 8.19 % (632 votes)Great Sword
  • 4.28 % (330 votes)Gunlance
  • 4.03 % (311 votes)Sword And Shield
  • 3.82 % (295 votes)Lance
  • 3.25 % (251 votes)Heavy Bowgun
  • 3.01 % (232 votes)Hunting Horn
  • 2.55 % (197 votes)Light Bowgun

7714 total votes.

You can check real-time results over here to see how it fares along the days and week.

As someone who chose the bow after trying the other weapons, I’m kinda surprised it ranks that high. Who’d have thought everyone wanted to be Green Arrow or Legolas when taking down monsters instead of being a badass with a big sword, no?

Surprised at the results? What’s your weapon of choice in Monster Hunter World? If you’re on the fence on whether to pick it up, make sure to read our review, and see why I had this to say about, “If you like going up against bosses in games, and find that thrilling, then think of Monster Hunter World as Boss Fight: The Game. It’s one compelling boss fight after another, that’s sprinkled in with loot, crafting, and other RPG nuances that make the journey exciting even after the numerous missions. Monster Hunter World is one monster you’ll want to take home and nurture.”

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