Monster Hunter World X Resident Evil Crossover Announced, Here’s Our First Look

Capcom hasn’t been gun-shy in tying up its hugely successful Monster Hunter World with other franchises, and it seems we’re about to get another one soon! Just in time for Halloween, Capcom announced the Monster Hunter World X Resident Evil crossover! Yes, you read that right! Capcom’s premiere zombie action game will be mixing it up with Monster Hunter World!

Check out the trailer below to see Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield interact with the game’s world!

While there’s no official release date yet, we do know it’ll launch sometime in November, and will even feature Mr. X as a friendly NPC Handler! there’s also a zombie dance animation incoming as well. While the Resident Evil franchise might seem out of place in Monster Hunter World’s, er, world, it’s just the sort of craziness one expects from Capcom, and I’m digging it!

Once we know more details regarding this Monster Hunter World X Resident Evil crossover, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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