Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles List, Trio Matches and More Revealed via New Gameplay

modern warfare playlist update

Perhaps one of Call of Duty’s worst kept secret, more Call of Duty Warzone gameplay leaks have surfaced, giving us a full look at the opening tutorial level.

The video will most likely be removed, but we have rounded up details from the video (along with screenshots) that confirms a list of playable vehicles and other things.

First up is the vehicle list. These will be the available vehicles in the suppose Battle Royale mode, called Warzone.

  • ATV
  • SUV
  • Heli
  • Cargo Truck
  • Tac Rover

There is a revive system for teammates, but according to the orientation level,if you are down near a wall, you can get a kill and self-revive yourself.

Equipment List:

  • Armor Plate Bundle
  • Gas Mask
  • Precision Airstrike
  • Shield Turret
  • Cluster Strike
  • UAV
  • Munition Box
  • Drop Kit Marker

A look at the armor plates and the ping system.

The Orientation level is where all the leaked footage is taking place. Upon completing it, you will be prompted to be taken to the training level, which is called “Armistice Training Facility” and rewards XP when completed.

The training mission is completely optional and you can jump into Warzone action once Orientation is finished.You are  given the option play Trios match.

We’re expecing the full reveal to happen anytime now given the leaks.

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