Report: Call of Duty Warzone Release Date Set for Early March

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In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare news, a lot of news has leaked regarding the rumored Modern Warfare battle royale mode supposedly titled “Call of Duty Warzone.” While some people might have assumed that it’ll be out very soon, apparently the Call of Duty Warzone release date is set for sometime in March!

In a new report by Videogamechronicles, the site states “sources” that mention the Warzone release date is planned for “early March,” with the site pegging March 10 (a Tuesday) as the prime date for the roll out. It mentions that when the release date arrives, players will instantly have access to the “Classified” portion of the game’s main menu screen.

In addition to the release date, VGC notes that the battle royale mode will be released as a standalone game for free, with the option for players to “upgrade” to the full version of Modern Warfare. Warzone is also assumed to share progression with the current Battle Pass (Season 2) with cosmetic unlocks.

Sources mention that official marketing plans for Warzone will start this week, and there are North American YouTubers invited to visit the studio and capture battle royale footage ahead of the official announcement.

Bear in mind, none of the info listed here came from Activision, so as such, take ’em with a grain of salt, alright? However, we won’t be surprised if this is legit given how the leaks we’ve already gotten.

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