Call of Duty Warzone All but Confirmed via Menu Glitch, Full Map Revealed

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Following leak of a certain Call of Duty Warzone which is allegedly what the battle royale portion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be called, it seems more leaks are out, which further adds credence to the name, and to the mode.

Reddit user ARedWerewolf managed to glitch into the Warzone menu and while you can’t actually play, it does confirm that the mode exists! Not only that but it also mentions “Drop Kits,” which is sort of a custom class for battle royale.

In addition to that, below is the datamined Warzone map, along with an overview of the new map Atlas Superstore which has several points that aren’t explorable in the map currently (via Reddit user Kalinine).

Warzone map:

Altas Superstore:

As user Kalinine notes, ” there are several points of interest that we haven’t explored yet such as the dam in the north-west section of the map, the hospital west of Tavorsk District, the train station west of the hospital and east of Zhokov Boneyard, the TV station (aka Broadcast, also seen in the Season 1 intro cutscene) and the Gulag in the south-east part of the map.”

Our very own staff member James also pointed out that the above image has actually been updated from previous map leaks. In our own version of the map that we supplied back December, we noted that the additional versions that are to the left and right were possible varients. This may still be true as they have added more to them, and even closed off sections when looking at the previous leak.

If you saw the Season 2 new intro video, it shows an airport which it seems is just outside the Atlas Superstore!

Speaking of the Season 2 intro video, Kalinine tries to recreate the overview map shown in that video, which you can see below.

We’re looking forward to more leaks regarding Call of Duty Warzone (or whatever the the Modern Warfare battle royale mode is called) and will report about it as it happens.

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