Mortal Kombat Movie Sub-Zero Poster Revealed, First Trailer Coming Thursday

Mortal Kombat Movie Sub-Zero Poster

Looks like we’ll be getting our very first full look at the Mortal Kombat film reboot pretty soon, as Warner Bros. has released a new Sub-Zero poster for the Mortal Kombat Movie — which features Joe Taslim all suited up as the iconic ice powered ninja of the series. Also,  the first trailer for the movie is coming this Thursday!

Check out the Sub-Zero poster in motion via the official Mortal Kombat Movie Twitter page.

Unlike the 1995 film and its near-universally panned 1997 sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the 2021 film is a complete reboot and will tell the story from the beginning — focusing on a new character being introduced in the movie named Cole Young — a washed-up MMA fighter who is played by actor Lewis Tan. Hunted by Sub-Zero and with him and his family targeted by the Lin Kuei, Cole seeks out a group of fighters and gets mixed up in the battle between Earthrealm and Outworld — with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance.

A fan favorite character, the Sub-Zero Joe Taslim plays will be the original one whose real name is Bi-Han. As an assassin and member of the Lin Kuei, Bi-Han’s rivalry with the undead ninja Scorpion ultimately seals his fate. His younger brother Kuai Liang takes up the mantle of Sub-Zero through the rest of the game series — at first to avenge his brother’s death but eventually becoming a heroic ally of Earthrealm and the GrandMaster of the Lin Kuei.

If you missed it the first time, check out the first look photos and details for the Mortal Kombat Movie here.

The Mortal Kombat Movie is scheduled to be released simultaneously in selected theaters and HBO Max on April 16.

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