Mortal Kombat X – First Look At Goro This Saturday, GameStop Reveals Possible DLC Character Release Dates

The wait for Mortal Kombat X is almost over as the highly anticipated fighter from NetherRealm Studios is now officially 14 days from release, as of this writing.

However, even as we approach release, there are a few pieces of vital information that are still a mystery, such as when and where we can expect to see the first footage of Prince Goro who was revealed to be playable via pre-ordering all the way back in September.

Thanks to Amazon and Twitch, we will get to see the long awaited first in-game footage of Goro this Saturday during a special 5-hour long Twitch stream, according to GoroLives, that’s set to kick off at 4 PM EST.

Additionally, it appears that Gamestop Australia may have revealed the release dates for the Kombat Pack characters via a new ad that you can check below, thanks to TestYourMight:


That said, the ad is highly questionable as the release dates stated for the DLC characters happen to fall on a Sunday and the images shown seem to be taken from a quick Google image search, so take the dates with a few teaspoons of salt.

In addition, it’s also been revealed during the latest rounds of media coverage for MKX that NetherRealm Studios will allow people to test DLC characters at no extra charge.

Mortal Kombat X is set to release on April 14 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

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