Mortal Kombat X – Latest Patch “Normalizes” Tanya & Adds Tremor Compatibility, First Look At Klassic Pack 2

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If you’ve been struggling against Mortal Kombat X’s most recent DLC character, Tanya, there is some good news out there.

MKX Players on PlayStation 4 — soon on Xbox One — will now be greeted with a new patch that developer NetherRealm Studios says will “normalize” Tanya by removing invincibility frames from her teleports and more. It should also be noted that both Kung Lao and Shinnok have also received a slight nerf to some of their specials moves that left them with a 20+ frame advantage on block. The update, which is also a compatibility pack for Tremor, adds the “Klassic” Ermac costume and offers a first look at the costumes for Klassic Pack 2 and reveals Tremor’s variations as well the content of Klassic Fatality Pack 2.


Klassic Fatality Pack 2:

  • Kung Lao: Hat Split from MK2
  • Jax: Arm Rip from MK2
  • Kitana: Fan Decapitation from MK2
  • Mileena: Man-Eater from MK2

Tremor variations:

  • Aftershock
  • Metallic
  • Crystalline

You can have a look at the official patch notes below:

  • D’Vorah (Swarm Queen) – Added 2 buffer frames on Bug Bomb dash cancel combos if the opponent is in hit stun
  • Ferra/Torr – Deep Stab now does full damage when thrown backwards
  • Ferra/Torr (Lackey) – Back Breaker now does full damage when thrown backwards
  • Jacqui – Added 7 damage to Bionic Blast in all variations
  • Kitana (Royal Storm) – Bounce Back has 14 frame startup (down from 23 frames)
  • Kitana (Assassin) – Punishing Poke now correctly gets a damage buff from Sharpen / Razor Blade
  • Kitana (Mournful) – Reduced the block stun on the first Glaive of the Enhanced Glaive Throw by 8 (no longer jails from up close at min range)
  • Kung Lao (Tempest) – Hat Dance is +12 on block (down from +27)
  • Liu Kang (Flame Fist) – Fixed a bug where the recovery on Shaolin Flame (24) and Shaolin-ferno (15) using the other’s value
  • Shinnok – Hell Sparks / Hell Blast when enhanced is +14 on block (down from +24)
  • Tanya – Slight damage scaling adjustments
  • Tanya – Removed the invulnerability frames on her Teleports
  • Tanya – Added 10 recovery frames after landing from a Teleport naturally
  • Tanya – Added 10 recovery frames after landing from a Teleport after a missed or blocked normal attack
  • Tanya – You can no longer chain into ground attacks or 2in1 special cancel after landing from a Teleport after a blocked jump attack
  • Tanya (Pyromancer) – Added 5 recovery frames to Air Fire Blasts after a Teleport

Additionally, with the Predator ‘officially’ being released very soon, NetherRealm Studios has announced that they will be having a new Kombat Kast showcasing the new character on July 6th on their Twitch channel. It will kick off at 4 PM EST.

Predator is set to be released for Kombat Pack owners on July 7th, alongside the Prey pack, and July 14th for non-Kombat Pack owners. For more Predator news, feel free to check out our previous stories which went over some of the new character’s easter eggs and finishers.