Mortal Shell Update 1.11 Released for Fixes

Mortal Shell Update 1.11

Cold Symmetry has released the Mortal Shell update 1.11 patch, and this seems to fix a few bugs that came with the game’s latest DLC, The Virtuous Cycle. For the full list of fixes, head on eblow.

Mortal Shell Update 1.11 Patch Notes:

Here’s the latest announcement from Cold Symmetry via the game’s offical Discord channel:

– Twin-Sister’s dialogues when acquiring a new Instinct can now be skipped with the mouse
– Fixed an audio-related bug that was causing crashes on PC
– The user can now progress from the Seed Window at the end of a cycle with the mouse by clicking the “Continue” button
– Axatana Weapon Abilities should no longer get interrupted by the shield bash from Gragu or kick attacks from vampires
– Solomon’s Accretion of Inheritance ability should now work correctly when equipped by Hadern
– Fixed the “hidden mouse cursor” bug that affected the “New Instinct Acquired” window
– The user can no longer gain resolve from Axatana Weapon Abilities

That seems to be it. Mind, the developer has tagged this for PC, and if the console versions have a different set off fixes, we’ll update the post.

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