MP Talk – Do Single Player Campaigns In Multiplayer Shooters Suck?

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We’re putting a single player spin on today’s episode of MP Talk as we discuss the often controversial topic of single player campaigns and their involvement in our favorite multiplayer shooters today.

Do they have a place? Do they belong in multiplayer-focused games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, games that are bought almost solely for their robust multiplayer experiences? If they’re here to stay, why do most of them suck so much? How can they be made more interesting to play and be turned into a more meaningful slice of the $60 price tag of games these days?

Join along with Denny, Alex, and I as we work out the kinks of what makes a good single player shooter campaign and what makes a bad one while we recall some of our favorite and not-so-favorite examples out there.

Tell us in the comments, how important are single player campaigns to you? What are some of your favorites? What can developers do to make them more interesting?

Until next time, keep your sights on MP1st.