MultiVersus Update for August 24 Addresses Morty

MultiVersus Update for August 24

Player First Games introduced Morty in yesterday’s Season 1.01 patch (server-side), and it seems some issues with the character were spotted. Don’t fret though, the devs have released the MultiVersus update for August 24 after unplanned maintenance, and this included a server-side patch (no download required) that adjusted issues with Morty.

MultiVersus Update for August 24 Patch Notes:

Here’s the latest changes to the game per Player First Games co-founder Tony Huynh:

Server-side (online only):
Morty’s snake projectile can no longer be hit back by opponents.

Fixed an issue that was causing his blaster to have knockback and damage permanently.

Fixed an issue where grenades were doing more damage than intended from repeatedly hitting enemies.

That seems to be it for this update, but don’t be surprised if there’s another update released this week, as the devs have been pretty much on-the -ball when it comes to character adjustments and whatnot.

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