MW3 Black Box Glitch to be Patched by Friday – “Don’t exploit, we’ll be banning,” Says Bowling

Modern Warfare 3’s Robert Bowling warns abusers of the glitch on Black Box. The loophole should be fixed by this Friday, March 23rd.

Now that Black Box has been released for all MW3 owners on Xbox 360, players have figured out a way to glitch out of the perimeters of the map. There is glitch to “get under the map,” according to Bowling. Bowling warned abusers on Twitter that abusers won’t go unpunished. He stated, “there’s a glitch in Black Box that allows you to get under the map. Fix already in the works, out by Friday. Don’t exploit, we’ll be banning.” Also this Friday, all platforms (PS3, PC, and Xbox 360) will be getting some Double XP love.

Read about Modern Warfare 3’s code of conduct to see what kind of a ban awaits glitchers. To refresh your memory, one player was handed a 5000 day permaban for fiddling with the game.

Thanks, VG247


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