MW3 Collection 2 Announced, Face Off Game Mode, Two Free Maps to All, Upcoming Elite Drops, and More

The team behind Modern Warfare 3 has detailed DLC plans for this month on Xbox 360. In addition to two new spec ops missions and one multiplayer map, a new mode has been revealed. The new mode is called “Face Off,” and is a one-on-one or two-on-two deathmatch mode that can only be played on specific maps coming this month.

There are four maps designed for Face Off. The first two are Aground and Erosion, which will be available to everyone  on Xbox 360 for free on May 15th, other platforms will follow later.

Another two Face Off maps, Getaway and Lookout, will release on the 15th for Elite. Also, Elite players will be able to download a brand new multiplayer map set in Dubai, titled Oasis. On that day, Elite players will also get two new spec ops missions, Iron Clad and Killswitch, the achievements of which were leaked recently.

Collection 2, which releases on May 22 for Xbox 360, will pack in:

  • Three multiplayer maps: Oasis, Sanctuary, and Foundation
  • Two spec ops missions: Iron Clad and Killswitch
  • Two Face Off Maps: Getaway and Lookout

Speaking to Eurogamer, Modern Warfare 3 executive producer Mark Rubin shed some light on why Face Off will be introduced. He explained, “Normally in itself one-on-one isn’t particularly creatively innovative, but what we’ve done is design the maps deliberately for this style of play. In normal map development you have large maps that have long sight lines, then when you make smaller maps you shorten the sight line – the engagement distance becomes smaller when the map becomes smaller.”

“But with these Face-Off maps, because it’s not six-on-six, we’ve made the sight lines longer for the size of the map that it is. You actually end up engaging quicker and having a more exciting experience on the map. You still get a really new feel and experience out of the gameplay; not just the heavy, frantic experience you would get out of a normal multiplayer match. You get more tension build-up on these smaller maps,” he concluded.

Here’s the breakdown video from IGN:

[youtube id=”wgZFvCloRHw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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