MW3 First Collection of DLC Coming in March for Non-Elite

Robert Bowling has just revealed via twitter that players with non paid elite subscription will be able to purchase the first collection of DLC in March.

Bowling stated “ELITE subscribers get free monthly DLC content drops for MW3. In March, the first paid collection of DLC comes out for non-subscribers.” If history is any indication, the first map pack will set you back $14.99 on PSN/PC or 1200 Microsoft points. Earlier today, the first two maps have been revealed, Piazza and Liberation (Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video). Of course, the collection of DLC in March will pack in more than the two maps Elite subscribers will be getting later this month. Bowling explained “by the time the collection comes out, there will have been multiple drops. These two maps are just the first Jan drops.”

Keep in mind, the 360 players will have access to the DLC in March meaning that PC and PS3 non elite players will have to wait until April to buy the first collection.

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