MW3 – Hacked Lobbies “Addressed In Under 12 Hours!”

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It seems that a fix for the hacked/modded lobbies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been found, and rather quickly as well.

Robert Bowling, Global Community Manager at Infinity Ward has just announced that the issues regarding infected lobbies plaguing the MW3 community have been resolved. “Thanks for all the reports of Speed / Slo-mo lobbies, with your help, we found & addressed in under 12 hours! Keep reporting MW3 feedback.” We’ve tested this ourselves and it does, indeed, seem to be alleviated.

If you’re a bit lost on the whole situation, you can read about what these infected lobbies were all about right here. Note that this only effected the Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 3 and we sure hope that it won’t find its way to other platforms. Unfortunately, as with many mega-popular titles such as Call of Duty, you’re bound to attract both good-willed players, and players who are in it to ruin the experience for the rest.

Record timing? We’ll let you decide. However, it is nice to see one of our favorite first-person shooters back up and running. Happy gaming!