MW3 – Must be Over 18 to Use Elite. This Could Change Soon

Call of Duty Elite is the perfect service for the hardcore CoD players, but its launch has been anything but smooth.

The service hasn’t been stable through the day even after increasing its capacity last night. The latest update from the Elite team is “teams working hard & increased reg. capacity 4x today; devs focused on ELITE stats access as more come online. Please hang in there.”  The other issue “potential” Elite users are facing is the age requirement. At the moment, you have to be of legal age in order to be a member of Elite. This is an issue that specially struck Hardened edition owners as they have already purchased their copies without knowing the age restriction. Activision customer support stated that “we are currently looking into this issue. We hope to have something for you [under age Elite members] soon.” It’s worth noting that Modern warfare 3 is rated M for Mature, at least on paper.

In other MW3 news,
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Have you managed to get in Elite? What are your first impressions?

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