MW3 – PS3 Elite Paid Users Will Get DLC Before Regular 360 Users

Update: Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo.

Activision customer support has shed some light on the release schedule of Modern Warfare 3’s DLC.

In the last few years, Microsoft has had an exclusivity deal with Activision in order for Xbox Live subscribers to have Call of Duty DLC one month ahead of other platforms. With the recent release of Activision’s own subscription based service, Call of Duty Elite, the DLC situation is even more complicated. Regular Xbox 360 owners are still entitled to be able to buy DLC before PC and PS3 regulars. However, how will Elite factor into that? Xbox 360 paid Elite members will have first stab at the newly announced DLC on January 24th, but where will PS3 paid Elite subscribers fit in the equation. Now, we have confirmation straight from Activision’s Mikey Vega that Modern Warfare 3’s DLC will definitely be made available to PS3 Elite members before regular 360 owners. It should be noted that PC players are still out of luck with not even having Elite on PC.

Using projected hypothetical dates for demonstration purposes only, let’s try and visualize the release schedule:

  1. Xbox 360 Elite Owners – January 24th, 2012 (confirmed)
  2. PS3 Elite Owners – February 1st, 2012 (assumption)
  3. Xbox 360 Regular – February 7th, 2012 (assumption based on the fact that Blacks Ops’ First Strike released on the 360 on February 1st)
  4. PS3 and PC regular – March 7th, 2012 (1 month period as per the exclusivity deal with Microsoft)

Be sure to check out the DLC’s leaked maps.

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