NBA 2K21 Update 1.04 October 7 Patch Rolled Out (Update)

NBA 2K21 Update 1.10

While the big news regarding NBA 2K21 this week, is the gameplay reveal of the NBA 2K21 on next-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X) platforms, Visual Concepts has released the NBA 2K21 update 1.04 October 7 patch today! The patch is live now on all platforms, and clocks in at 11GB on PS4, 28GB on Xbox One, a massive over 74GB download on PC!

NBA 2K21 Update 1.04 October 7 patch notes:

We’ve updated the post with the official patch notes via Visual Concepts.


  • Halloween has come to 2K Beach! Beachgoers will now find Halloween themed decorations throughout the Neighborhood.
  • Player likenesses have been improved for more than 60 NBA and WNBA players.
  • Welcome to the NBA Finals! Heat vs. Lakers is now the default Quick Play matchup.
  • Preparations for new 2K Beach Events coming later in October and November. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!


  • Adjustments to make set screen movement more realistic.
  • Fixed content holes that led to inconsistent side step pull-up jump shots.
  • Changes to Shot Aiming system to prevent modded controller abuse.
  • Park dribble moves (still performed with L3) now require Hall of Fame Tight Handles badge to use. Also disabled park dribble moves when calling for screens to prevent conflict with switch screen side function.


  • Fixed some issues where MyPLAYER doesn’t win over new fans after certain in-game achievements.
  • Fixed a hang that could have happened when exiting MyCOURT after playing a 2v2 or 3v3 game in MyCOURT.


  • Preparations for the first $250K MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament GameDay!
  • Preparations for the second Season of MyTEAM!
  • General improvements to The Exchange.
  • Added warning when skipping silver or gold Badge Upgrades for Hall of Fame Badges.
  • Addressed an issue when player cards appeared on Ball Drop boards


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect logo may appear from downloading other user’s save via the new Save Sharing feature.
  • Fixed a hang that was occurring in Play WNBA or NBA Today after being in WNBA Season mode.

Listed below are the stuff from the initial posting of the article with the known changes before the official patch notes were released.

No official patch notes have been released yet by Visual Concepts, but we’ve included verified changes in the game via the game’s community.

Mike Wang, Gameplay Director of NBA 2K21 shared this just now regarding today’s update:

  • Halloween theme/decor up in the Park
  • Ankle Breakers are back (need verification)

Steph Curry’s face got updated (?)

They updated Curry’s face in patch 1.04 from NBA2k

For now, that’s the only change noticed so far, but we’ll update the post as more stuff becomes known and verified. Of course, once Visual Concepts releases the official patch notes, we’ll update the post.

In other NBA 2K21 news, make sure to check out the NBA 2K21 PS4 vs. PS5 comparison video to see how much the visuals improved (hint: it’s a lot). Don’t forget, Visual Concepts has announced that they will be sharing next-gen info regarding NBA 2K21 starting today and all throughout the week.

If you notice any changes in today’s NBA 2K21 update, let us know what they are down in the comments.

Update: We’ve update the post with the official patch notes via Visual Concepts.

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