NBA 2K22 Update 1.11 Preps for Season 6 Out This April 6

NBA 2K22 Update 1.11

Visual Concepts has released the NBA 2K22 update 1.11 patch, and this is in preparation for Season 6 which starts this Friday, April 8! In addition to that, there are also other fixes included. Check out the NBA 2K22 April 6 patch notes below.

For those on next-gen platforms, Visual Concepts has rolled out a different set of fixes and changes for it, which you can check out right here.

NBA 2K22 Update 1.11 Patch Notes | NBA 2K22 April 6 Patch Notes:

Update: The official and final patch notes have been posted on the NBA 2K website, and it’s the same as the one below.

Visual Concepts has listed the following changes so far:


  • Preparations for NBA 2K22 Season 6, launching this Friday, April 8th, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/3PM GMT. Stay tuned for what we have in store! This patch also includes new clothing, shoes, quests, soundtracks and court designs
  • Reduced the difficulty of Wednesday XP Bonanza daily quest
  • Minor fixes and improvements to enhance the overall NBA 2K22 experience

According to the studio, the full patch notes will be available later today, and once we know more (or if there are more added), we’ll be sure to update the post. Don’t forget to check out the latest NBA 2K22 player ratings update right here.

Source: Reddit

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