Neverwinter Update 10.02 Out for UI & Stability Fix This Feb. 4

neverwinter update 10.02

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 10.02 patch this February 4, and this includes fixes to the user interface as well as stability issues. Check out the complete patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 10.02 Patch Notes:

User Interface


  • The new Enchantment sub-categories are now localized.

Performance and Stability


  • The game no longer locks up if the player has one or more friends on the PlayStation Network with certain characters in the name.

That’s about it for the patch. Below you can also find the known issues for the game:

Known Issues – Remaining

Character Art Visuals

  • Ancient Scalebreaker’s Barbute is incorrectly invisible on male dragonborn characters.

Refinement and Enchantments

  • The new enchantments currently cannot be donated to the Gems category of the Stronghold Coffer. While this is correct for reclaimable versions of these enchantments, we plan to allow donation of enchantments earned through gameplay or purchase.

Content and Environment

Tutorial Quests

  • Wooden Insignias no longer disappear when swapping with a standard insignia, and then swapping back.

Combat and Powers

Companion Powers

  • Shadar-Kai Witch: This companion’s Sense through the Shadowfell bonus power now properly grants extra currencies when completing Dragonbone Vale quests, in addition to just the weekly ones.
  • Windsoul Genasi: This companion’s Player Bonus now properly gives Combined Ratings.


  • Gaining immunity for any reason (e.g. dodging) no longer incorrectly causes Combat Enchantments to “boost” your damage to 0.

Enemies and Encounters

Trial: The Crown of Keldegonn

  • Clones from the Mirage set should no longer make Valindra’s Necrotic Orb deal additional damage.
  • Lightning strikes should no longer continue after the end of the fight, thereby keeping players in combat.
  • Palhavorithyn should now consistently drop loot when defeated.
  • The Crown of Keldegonn Trial should no longer incorrectly give players Lore about Mount Celestia.

User Interface


  • Some more references to the old version of the Refinement system have been corrected.

Character Sheet

  • Enhancements: Players can now properly swap enchantments with ones in a stack, when the stacked enchantments’ bag is full (but the full inventory isn’t).
  • Tooltips now properly update when switching from highlighting gear to highlighting enchantments or enhancements.

Items and Inventory

  • Enchantments that slot into only one location (Combat, Companion, Bonus) will no longer give an error message when using the ‘Equip’ menu option if another Enchantment is currently equipped.
  • General and Overload enchantments can now be equipped from the inventory.
  • In the Apply Reinforcement window, if the selected reinforcement was Protected at time of slotting, there is now an option to remove protection.
  • The Apply Reinforcement window no longer shows an empty context menu when selecting a slotted reinforcement.


  • The refinement window’s layout now looks better when refining certain items like Insignias.
  • Upgrading an item without a Mote will no longer show an empty error message in the Results UI.

Art and Audio


  • The Wizard power, Steal Time, once again properly has sound.



  • In the French locale, the Appointment Event Vendor’s name has been shortened so that it is no longer truncated.

Source: Arc Games

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