Neverwinter Update 10.07 Slashes Out for April Fowls Event This March 15

Neverwinter Update 10.07

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 10.07 March 15 patch today, and this one is for a bunch of changes and fixes, including the addition of the April Fowls event. Check out the complete patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 10.07 Patch Notes | Neverwinter March 15 Patch Notes:

Note: The patch size for Xbox will be larger due to some non-content updates that will allow for a reduce file size in future patches.


April Fowls

  • A new Zombie Chick vanity pet has been added to the event vendor.
  • Daily quests: Defender chickens now leave when healed, so the same defender cannot be healed repeatedly for quest credit.
  • Daily quests: Since these objectives are map-wide, they no longer try to take Quest Path priority in Protector’s Enclave.
  • Fewer groups of chickens should spawn in Protector’s Enclave. In testing, this shouldn’t make daily quests significantly more difficult on average, and this should hopefully improve gameplay performance.
  • Players should no longer be unexpectedly pulled into combat while in Protector’s Enclave. However, we were unable to consistently reproduce the issue and, as a result, this fix attempt may not have been comprehensive.
  • Sewers Most Fowl: The central grate of the final arena should now be a little clearer about whether an attack warning is over it.
  • Sewers Most Fowl: The flow of the objectives in this dungeon has been refined, but should overall play similarly to before.
  • The icon for Bird Feathers has been changed to be more visually distinct from Bird Seed at all appropriate display sizes.
  • We believe we’ve resolved the issue where Protector’s Enclave grows increasingly laggy over the course of the event. However, as we were not able to reproduce this issue internally, it’s still possible that we may need to restart Protector’s Enclave every other day like in previous years.

Combat and Powers

Mount Powers

  • Coastal Flail Snail, Mossy Flail Snail, Arcane Whirlwind, and Infernal War Machine now hit a maximum of 10 targets.

Items and Economy


  • Astral Lockbox: The tooltip has been updated in all locales to describe its current contents.
  • The Draconic Key Ring Bundle now grants Viridian and Cerulean Helms, instead of Emerald and Azure. Players who have purchased the Draconic Key Bundle can claim one of these new helms for free from the Reward Claims Agent.
  • The title “Valindra’s Foil” is now in the “General” Category instead of the “Quests” Category of Titles.

User Interface


  • Swapping loadouts no longer incorrectly unequips Companion Powers.

Performance and Stability


  • A client crash in the powers system has been addressed.

That’s about it for the latest patch. Once a new title update or new content drop is announced, we’ll let our readers know. Stay tuned by bookmarking our Neverwinter game hub.

Source: Arc Games

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