Neverwinter Update 10.57 Rises Out for More Summer Fest Fixes This July 26

Neverwinter Update 10.57

Cryptic Studios has pushed out Neverwinter update 10.57 on consoles today, and this is to bring in more Summer Festival fixes, as well as adjustments for Rise of Tiamat. Check out the Neverwinter July 26 patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 10.57 Patch Notes | Neverwinter July 26 Patch Notes:


Summer Festival

  • Players who participated in the Summer Festival last year now properly receive a Summer Artisan this year.
    • In order to prevent issues for players at the Artisan cap, the maximum number of Artisans at each Workshop rank has been increased by one.
    • Please note: While this change is permanent, we do not currently plan to increase the Artisan cap with the Summer Festival next year; this isn’t intended to be a regular thing.
  • The Sahha ball can no longer become stuck above goals.

Rise of Tiamat

  • The HP of Baaltor the Immortal been reduced by 25%.
  • The HP of Osynafil the Undying has been reduced by 25%.
  • The frequency at which Tiamat’s heads use Poison Stream, Acid Stream, and Cold Stream in Phase 4 has been reduced.
  • The frequency at which Tiamat’s heads cast Chromatic Meteors in Phase 4 has been reduced.
  • The number of player-targeting Chromatic Meteors per cast has been reduced.
  • Companions: Cleric Disciple/Faithful Initiate: The final hit of Sacred Flame no longer unintentionally heals NPCs.

User Interface


  • At interface scale 2.0, stores now properly display their contents in two columns. The item width has been slightly reduced in the process.

There was also a patch released on July 21 that housed fixes too, which you can read about here.

Source: Arc Games

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